Nicki Salcedo | Intersections
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About This Project

“I’m not a storyteller. I don’t tell stories. Stories tell me. I’ve been told I’m not Southern, because I’m not Southern by birth or ancestry. But I want to be. I’ve lived some easy striking distance from Atlanta most of my life. There were those San Francisco years. I admit it. I left and brought my heart back with me. I came back for the trees and the grass and the stories.”

Despite her West Coast education, Nicki Salcedo considers herself Southern by sensibility, if not by birth. Southern things include talking to ghosts, saying hello to strangers, and waving to drivers with nice manners. She loves Star Trek, football, poetry, church, boys named Bubba, physics, and romance novels. She finds something in common with just about every person she meets. That’s the untold story. Those are the intersections. That’s why she writes.


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